Muting, blocking, reporting, and content filtering

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References for Supporting diversity with a new approach to software

Who needs it the most? Targets of harassment; people who would be triggered by certain kinds of images and videos

Who else benefits? People who prefer to avoid certain kinds of images and videos


Another Six Weeks: Muting vs. Blocking and the Wolf Whistles of the Internet, Leigh Honeywell, Model View Culture

Twitter Won’t Stop Harassment on Its Platform, So Users are Stepping In, Amanda Hess, Slate (2014): discusses Flaminga, BlockBot, and Block Together. Since then Twitter has implemented shared block lists but they don’t appear to have learned from the earlier implementation - see Vijith Assar’s The Glaring Hole In Twitter’s New Shared Blocking Feature in Wired for a critique.

Learning from Twitter’s mistakes, Eugen Rochko on Medium, describes Mastodon's muting and blocking model. "Harassment and tools to deal with it have always been lacking on Twitter’s end. I reached out to people who have been affected by it to collect ideas."

Curbing Online Abuse Isn’t Impossible: Here’s Where we Start, Laura Hudson, Wired, looks at steps Riot Games took to reduce harassment in League of Legends

Putting out the Twitter trashfire, Randi Lee Harper, and What I Want Out of Twitter, John Scalzi: suggestions for giving Twitter users control over their timelines; also useful for people designing mechanisms for other systems

Herring, Susan et al. ‘Searching for Safety Online: Managing ‘Trolling’ in a Feminist Forum’ The Information Society 18 (2002): 371–384. A classic!

Still ‘Searching for Safety Online’: collective strategies and discursive resistance to trolling and harassment in a feminist network, Frances Shaw, Fibreculture Journal

7 ways Facebook’s reporting system is failing its community standards, and its users and How to Redesign Facebook’s Reporting System in 7 Steps, Anna Williams, Medium

Possible routes for distributed anti-abuse systems, by Christopher Allan Webber on DustyCloud, looks at various potential strategies.