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Bong Thuong is the ancient village of Vinh Hung, Vinh Loc district, Thanh Hoa province, Vietnam. The village of Bong Thuong has quite a lot of big festival with bold traditional culture also kept up to date. In which festival Procession water in the temple due place in 3 days from day 27 to day 30 month 2 lunar year. Evening 27/2, when the village took up the lamp, then at the temple Press Grace and ben rivers Code, people light a candle lit the a on the river. The boats gathered on the river. After the statement of the old village, boat people surfing on the river to the middle line of water called amateur, First. Boat tree, a stated the middle of the river filled the wind with the lights flickering candle light bring the color of mystery attraction. Between the edge of the trees mentioned have put a lamp to cast light onto the surface of the river. All of tourists who stay at best hotels in Hoi An just paddle around the maypole and singing. The middle of the night spring February, the cool breeze gently caress up each face, each person, the voice, text, drum army, screen sing bank up echoing a stretch of the river: The lamp lotus shape drop thousands on the river. Standing on the river looking at the lights, shower brilliant equivocal stamping dờn on the river water flow about swept it carries a elegant beauty, elegant and equally poetic. From the bay, the boat returned to the dock where it's due and sing the song surges on the Three, up the shore to the tower Park View, into the temple, incense, latex, buddha, barbell Template. After the post from 22 hours to 24 hours night there are holiday Items in the temple. Bright day 28/2 lunar calendar is the main ceremony at the temple Press Grace known as the festival of water Procession. The humans are clearly assigned prep work, dress. Caravan procession finished Samples then to the water Procession, on the Newspaper Grace the 5 boat. The boat is Dragon boat big or also called the boat the Buddha to fetch water. The second boat is the boat Model. Dragon boat 3rd is the boat carrying the girl, the boy. Boat 4th smaller is the boat commander. Boat no. 5 is boat monitoring work to fetch water.On 3 boats wide, each boat has 8 to 10 sailors sailing. The number of people there on 5 boats there are about 90 to 100 people. Crew boat rowing out to the middle of the river Code, after three rounds to the rock in the middle of the river, then plug stated the boat stop.In the day of the festival at the temple grounds have held many folk games, traditional as : So push sticks, tug, of, sisters, women, flag person, hold the shrimp, post count of the instrument. Festival of water Procession at the temple due Vinh Hung's festival with bold traditional culture for thousands of years attracting pilgrims to the festival, very crowded. Source: Dat khach san