2014/Wrapup Session

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Citizenship Award

The Open Source Citizenship Award was presented in absentia to Ed Finkler (@funkatron) for increasing awareness and understanding of mental health in our community, to recognize the importance and bravery of this work.

Thanks to the Open Source Bridge Planning Committee, Melissa Chavez, Kristen, Audrey, and Amy, Chris Freeman and Amanda, and all the OSB volunteers. Over 70 people put in nearly 500 hours over the course of these 5 days. Thanks also to Jonan for putting together the Hacker Lounge, including mobile charging station and video games. Thanks also to the Ada Initiative for scheduling AdaCamp right before the conference. Thanks to Kristi for her work as well.

Sponsors were acknowledged and thanked!


Favorite parts of conference

  • the people
  • the care
  • the trains
  • the food
  • unconference sessions
  • buttonmaker
  • the quiet room (can we get a bed in there?).

How can we carry this experience out into other conferences/communities?

  • Bring the social justice perspective to other OS conferences.
  • Good, enforceable, strong codes of conduct (e.g. the one on Geek Feminism wiki and the one at citizencodeofconduct.org).

What can we bring for next year?

  • Invite people with expertise that we want here, which isn't currently represented.
  • Colored lanyards and photography policy are great; need more clarity on where filming is happening. It would be nice to mark or signal seats in the frame in some way. Field of view would help the speakers as well.
  • Make sure session chairs and session runners feel empowered to gently guide Q&A when necessary. Possibly we could make a video or text materials to train session chairs rather than doing in-person training.
  • Longer volunteer blocks could reduce coordination and handoff problems; 2-hour blocks might be too long.
  • Schedule badges are great but they tended to fall apart at the top.
  • It would be nice to have speaker names on the printed schedule.
  • The iCal feed was great but could have shown more events.

Why did we lose projectors for the unconference? Because AV is expensive; if you're local and want to bring a projector, you can bring one; we could make that clearer next year.

Conference survey is anonymous and in the attendee email and has been tweeted out.


Please consider helping to plan this year, or helping with technical debt. Check out the volunteer form on the website or email info@opensourcebridge.org . Folks are working to make remote contributions easier. The con also wants to hear from people with experience dealing with long-running meeting series that span multiple timezones; we'd like to learn things.

An audience member suggested an Open Conference code sprint.