2014/From the Bottom Up: Building Community-Owned and -Operated Mesh Networks

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This panel highlights the work of a few folks representing part of a broad, international movement consisting of network engineers, community change makers, researchers, architects, and thinkers who are building decentralized and autonomous communications infrastructure. We know that the Internet is deeply broken, and we are rebuilding, from the inside out. We mitigate the ills of interception and interference on the net by facilitating networks that are owned, operated, and governed by the people that use them.

Speakers: Jenny Ryan, Mitar Milutinovic, Marc Juul, Russell Senior

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Contributed notes

Slides from the presentation can be found [here|http://jennyryan.net/meshprez.pdf]!

Additional Resources

To all those who raised their hands when they said they were from Portland and interested in sharing/mesh, please contact Personal Telco at info@personaltelco.net and we can talk about getting you set up. And/or come to one of our weekly meetings (watch https://personaltelco.net/wiki/RecentChanges for details). Thanks for your enthusiasm!