2014/"Why are these people following me?": Leadership for the introverted, uncertain, and astonished

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So you’ve had an idea, or noticed a gap that needs filling, or wondered why no one’s talking about an issue you care about. Like the motivated and competent person you are, you start working, or writing, or talking. People start noticing you, listening to you, even asking for your opinion about their own projects—and one day, you realize they’re treating you just like you treat your own role models. You find this unsettling. Surely motivation and competence aren’t that special, you think. You, a leader? Can’t be. And if you actually are a leader, what do you do now?

Speaker: Frances Hocutt

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Contributed notes

Frances wrote up a transcript of her talk, which can be found at: http://franceshocutt.com/2014/07/01/why-are-these-people-following-me-leadership-for-the-introverted-uncertain-and-astonished/