2013/Shall We Play A Game?

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In just 1.5 hours, I will help you craft a computer game AI that will consistently beat you and your friends.

Speaker: Bart Massey

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Contributed notes

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Bart's java version: https://github.com/BartMassey/chomp/blob/master/Chomp.java

Mythmon's Python version: https://gist.github.com/5825406

undees's Ruby version: https://github.com/undees/chomp

breedx Python version: https://github.com/breedx2/chomp

Karl's Python version: https://github.com/kra/chomp

[Jeff Holt] Observation: I am a development manager (I used to work for a living) and wanted to do some coding. What I noticed is that the session turned into a final exam.

Nobody pair programmed. Nobody talked. Everyone put their heads down, and jammed. Which is cool and all, but none the less, interesting.

By the way, I did that too and enjoyed my epic fail of incompletion. I finished it the next day...