2012/What's New in MediaWiki 1.17 & How You Can Help

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I summarized the 1.17 release notes and reminded people to upgrade their installations. Official Wikimedia blog entry about 1.17.

MediaWiki 1.16 came out 2010-07-28 1.17 came out this week -- 2011-06-22

  • New installer
  • ResourceLoader
  • Category sorting improvements
  • need PHP 5.2.3
  • some API breaking changes

System requirements:

  • Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, or SQLite. (Some support for Microsoft SQL Server & Oracle.)
  • Servers: works on Apache, tested on IIS, lighttpd, want help for nginx & HipHop
  • OSes: works on Linux & Mac & Windows, want more support on the latter 2

To Do

look at http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/User:Sumanah/TODO and tell people, for example, about:

  • work on the parser for visual editor: need test cases & ASTs
    • talk to Ward Cunningham -- ask Markus for things to look at. also PEGs
    • Ward sees outliers & -- if someone is working in an area and doesn't know what people actually do, Ward can scan a corpus & see -- maximum number of quote marks seen in a row? what do people actually do?
  • RTL: need devs who can read an RTL lang such as Arabic, Urdu, Farsi, Pashto, or Hebrew. bug 6100
    • Jenka!
  • hiphop -- need packagers
  • bug triage -- just check whether an old bug is reproducible
  • unit testing - PHPUnit, QUnit, Swarm, Cruise Control
  • -1 to 100, WikiLove, AJAX login, http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/WMF_General_Engineering stuff, etc

re virtualization: Microsoft is doing -- load desktop into a huge cluster for dev env


Charles -- bug validation & QA

Jenka - RTL work with Arabic, maybe devices

Drew -- fixing & validating bugs

Shepherd -- bugs espec Mac OSX -- testing & bug reporting

Ruth -- confirming bugs. bug validation. triage.

Discussion with Ward afterwards

Ward: Many people rag on templates. Ward's not sure the people who complain understand how profoundly templates facilitated Wikipedia

Josh Triplett: they promoted uniformity on a lot of data

Ward's exploring templates in his parser work. Their use: very diverse! Not just 100 templates, but 5 million or 500,000 :)