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Webcomics! at Open Source Bridge 2012 What's your fav. webcomic that the other people here probably don't read? Jayme - Delilah Dirk and the Seeds of Good Fortune Bart Massey - Subnormality

 "+5 Insightful so often it makes my head hurt"

Kyle - first read Oatmeal, still deciding current favourite Kevin Turner - Paranatural, Power Nap Katrina - Questionable Content Martin Chase - SMBC Melissa -

Early favourite: Buttercup Festival
Current: Faith Erin Hicks


2D Goggles about Ada Lovelace & Charles Babbage

Also recommended:

Mansion of E
Go Get a Roommate (nsfw?)
Bartender (a manga)

Skull-kickers is a case that started in print and then went to find a larger audience when it started publishing online (and then online readers bought more print comics!)

Completed Works:

- Digger
- Rice Boy
- Ozy & Millie

Comic Trackers are Awesome

- given enough seldom or irregularly-updating comics, having a tracker will let you have something to read when you open it up

Q: Is there a way to get notified when a chapter is completed, so you can read it all at once? Other Cool Stuff:

Comic Fury:
 - reliable free comic hosting service




Every other Wednesday, usually at Powells. Meetup Group

Recs/What people are reading