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Meet the pioneers of the new Indie Web, learn what’s changed, and how you too can reclaim your content, your data, your online identity. Join our panelists as they debate a variety of different approaches and learn how you too can get started and join the new Indie Web.

Speaker: Tantek Çelik

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Contributed notes


This session will include a panel discussion with Aaron Parecki, Erin Jo Richey, and Evan Prodromou, moderated by Tantek Çelik.


photo by Igal Koshevoy (CC-by-nc-2.0)


Real-time collaborative notes:

Welcome to Rise of the Indie Web at Open Source Bridge 2012!

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  • #osb12 #indieweb

2012-06-26 15:45-16:30 Room B202/203, Eliot Center, Portland, OR URLs:


Solutions panelists are using:


  • How do we get big companies to adopt open protocols?
  • What challenges have each of you encountered?
  • How do we avoid the problem of new solutions just being too complex for individuals and end up just using a hosted service again anyway?
    • We are building first and foremost for ourselves, in terms of ease of use and ability to maintain
  • How can I keep my stuff over time?
    • one risk: on someone else's hardware - they go away, my stuff goes away
    • other risks: data loss due to no backup, changes to formats, 3.5" floppy, JPEG?, Unicode? keeping stuff is hard.
  • The LockerProject - github - no significant commits for the past 7 months - what happened?
    • Singly had a hard time figuring out how to monetize it.
    • Singly is moving more toward a complete API to connect social services.

Additional projects: