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open source ecology


* wiki 

need for an open source soil moisture sensor

* needs to be cheap

vegetronix soil moisture sensor

jens dad does studies on moisture and pesticide

* weeding on rhythms of the moon
* how to convince

TED talk: Riley "A garden in my apartment"

* crowd sourced hydroponics
* window garden

university of boulder - hackerspace

* nasa
* airoponics
* automating hydroponics
* minimize water loss
* xbox connects - which needs more

liter of light

* refaction to people living in slums
* how do you get the beam of light
* purified water and bleach, film canister on top, tin
* looks like 60 watt light globes
* good for chicken sheds, then chickens will lay more

Chicken coop automation

* http://hackaday.com/tag/door/
* https://sites.google.com/site/egluautomaticdoor/
* IR sensors are cheap so you know if movement is from a warm blooded animals

Use 1/2" welded wire

Spray cats when they come into your yard

- spray cats with long lasting cheap musk purfume
- coyote urine

PIE con - sprayed squirrels

- open CV - open computer vision

Cat doors with cameras

- keep cats out when they have something in their mouth

Keep chickens out of fresh bed

- either they want to eat your greens, or they want to dust bathe
- feed them greens in their cage, and they'll be less interested in your greens
- give them a place to dust bathe (drier, deeper, finer)
- if beds don't have mulch, they'll go after bugs no matter what (just use more mulch)

chickens will move compost around (and rocks too)

free pallets make good fences

open source chicken shit cleaner - like a roomba

- 8" deep litter system - wood chips, straw or sawdust
- bulk absorbs waste

always feed your chickens away from your backdoor

- can't feed them too much food, or it encourages rats


- http://www.gardengeek.org/animals/

Portland garden geek group!!