2012/Hacking the hacker lounge

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  • table coverings get in the way
  • chairs are moved in & out of the space
  • the damn blue plastic tubes in sofas
  • lamps might be aesthetic, but aren't turned on
  • relaxy space vs. functional/conversational space
  • tables inspire more collaborative work
    • "T" of ikea rectangle tables was well-used
  • communal whiteboard wasn't well used
    • job board was reserved
    • other big one too much in one place
    • maybe more post-it-note flippy pads
    • how to provide doodling/sketching area for different groups?
      • butcher paper on tables, with markers (watch for bleed-through)
      • cleaned up at end of the day
      • or taped to wall
    • rectangular table with roll of butcher paper
  • couches across from each other?
    • lounge chairs seem to be attractive to people wanting to be alone
  • power was good
  • lockpicking was well received
  • "living room feel" worked
  • gradient of spaces
    • front of space was better lit, more "worky"
    • rear (near piano) was quieter, calmer, good for resting eyes or mind
      • chairs facing away helps with mental recharging?
  • window seats well used, even for napping
  • open til 10:30pm was plenty