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IndieWeb Checkins

Open Source Bridge Barcamp: IndieWeb Checkins AKA "Foursquare is down"



  • Tantek Çelik - http://tantek.com - @t
  • Randall
  • Calvin
  • Ezra Gorman - Google
  • M. Edward Borasky - @znmeb
  • Dawn Foster
  • Don Park - http://donpark.org - @donpdonp
  • Tsan-Kuang (TK) @tkleepsu
  • Cesar Pinera - Intel

Use cases

What are the use-cases for checkins? Why do you checkin?

  • Social - doing things with friends
    • Serendipitous meeting up
    • Just-in-time planning (e.g. extension of last minute cell phone / texting planning)
  • QuantfiedSelf
    • I'm tracking myself, checking in, not necessarily uploading it all in realtime. Building a behavioral model of myself. Like QuantifiedSelf. Doesn't have to happen in realtime.
  • Collective Intelligence
    • recommendations
  • Rewards / awards / discounts
  • Play / points / badges / Pacmanhattan

Which of these still work when "___" (aggregator services / silos) are down?

  • quantified self

Some of these may be in conflict

  • Check in looking for an extra shot in your machiatto during your Super Important VC Meeting and your friend comes looking to hang out.
    • Note: Starbucks on 11th & Couch has a "free shot" offer on check-in!

Private checkins

Private Check-ins: (Foursquare "off the grid" checkins)

(or selectable default setting) Peer to peer checkins

  • check-in to your indie web site - then directly peer-to-peer ping the website of the venue that you're at in order to get rewards with them.
    • GeoPingBack

How can you have an independent check-in system that still functions for the commercial rewards use case?

  • Starbucks.com <link rel="checkin" ....>?????
  • MAC address verification via store/place wifi network?
  • Might incentivize new hotspots!

Business Incentives For Check-Ins rewards

  • Customer loyalty - customer return incentive
  • Broadcasting - telling all your friends you're at Starbucks
  • Customer tracking data - how often you purchase, when (hour / dotw)

Need to lookup Vibrant Data movement

Possible Solutions

PHP script that runs on your own box, talks to Foursquare

Group Specific Checkins

Foursquare: explicit friends list

  • privacy issues:
    • public mayorships - sufficient to stop using

Google Latitude: circle-specific checkins Yelp Checkins:

  • incentive - free stuff (for Yelp Elite - VIP treatment)


  • temporary groups / event specific groups
    • OSBridge folks - let them track you for a week - or while you're at the conference (city)
  • social permission in general

IndieWeb - how do your friends get notified of your group-specific checkins?


Disclose granularity Google launches Coordinate for tracking field crews http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9228367/New_Google_mapping_service_helps_organizations_manage_field_crews

Public Checkins

E.g. https://twitter.com/search/realtime/4sq.com Easy indieweb solution - post publicly on your site, syndicate to Twitter etc.

How do you delete

How do you delete information? Twitter TOS for clients to respect delete requests Is there a tombstone/deletion entry for Atom? Do any Atom consumers support that? Assume you can't delete information

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