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unconference session ideas

schema.org WTF

proposer: Tantek Çelik

Google & Microsoft announced schema.org on June 2nd, essentially dictating the future of adding semantics to HTML. What does this mean for open source and open standards? Can open standards still win in the face of schema.org?

microformats 2

proposer: Tantek Çelik

microformats are the most popular way to add semantics to HTML, and yet, there have been longstanding requests for more generic parsing and the ability to try out experimental or vendor specific properties.

learn how microformats 2 addresses these concerns while simultaneously simplifying microformats to be even easier for web authors and designers to use and include in HTML pages.

CASSIS.js: Universal Client Server Javascript Now

proposer: Tantek Çelik

CASSIS is universal JavaScript (JS) that works on the client and the server for scalable application logic. Developed as an immediate to near-term solution until typical web hosting companies make it easy to run JS on the server (e.g. Node.js), CASSIS is a fast functional open source JS-subset and framework you can use today to implement application logic once and have it run both dynamically in browsers with JS, and on the server for when JS is not supported (search engines), is disabled (security), or slow (mobile).

How openness could kill you, make high school better, and keep you away from Lord of the Rings

proposer: Ruth Suehle

Opensource.com is an open blog-style community site for talking about how open source principles--sharing, collaboration, transparency--can be applied outside of software. The site includes channels to talk about openness in business, government, education, law, health, and life, which includes just about anything that doesn't fit in one of the others.

Learn about the stories we've shared since the site launched 17 months ago and find out how to contribute your own stories from the projects you're involved in.

The Story of Spaz: How to Give Away Everything, Make No Money, and Still Win

proposer: Ed Finkler

What motivates us as developers? How do we define success? Throughout the development of Spaz, we've learned a lot about what works, what doesn't, and what really matters. Come to hear the story, and participate in the discussion of how we define success in open source.

I gave this talk at OSBridge 2010, but I've refined and learned a lot since then. You can read more about recent versions here and here

More about Spaz How to help us

Brainstorm for Freedom

Discuss projects and possibilities for building tools and tactics for free communication, online and off. Mesh networks, mirrors, wheatpaste, poster creation webapps, walkie-talkie howtos, clonezilla livecds, Usenet. YOUR IDEA (T)HERE!

@petewearspants Hacking for Freedom

Bikes: a user guide for geeks

Proposer: Max Kirchoff

From a brief history to activism & racing culture to hacking & modding - I'll get you up to date on ye olde velocipede (bicycle). Over the last decade the tech industry has largely embraced bicycling, but in many cases without much knowledge or experience about bicycling's mainstream and subcultures. We'll spend the first half talking about American cycling of the past century and the cultures that exist today, including some pointers to joining local activist groups and why everyone should race bikes. The second half I will share pointers on maintanence, how to get a healthy fit on your bike and some useful tips I've picked up over the years.


Legend of Adventure: An online game

Proposer: Matt Basta

For a long time, online games have been very been slow to evolve. I've been working on a game using the latest in web standards. If you're a fan of Legend of Zelda or Minecraft, you'll really like some of the concepts that power Legend of Adventure. I'll be demoing some of the stuff that I've built so far, and hopefully I'll have an EC2 server up and running for folks to try it out themselves.

Planning / Brainstorming for Legion of Tech Programming Classes

Proposer: M. Edward (Ed) Borasky @znmeb

The Legion of Tech is planning programming classes for various languages, and I've volunteered to teach R programming (and the basic statistics you'll want to know to understand R). For myself, I'm interested in things like what level of student we're expecting, how many hours the classes should run, and so on. I'm also interested in who else wants to teach such classes and what languages we'd be covering.

Tools For Data Journalism

Proposer: M. Edward (Ed) Borasky @znmeb

Who else here is interested in data journalism? What tools would you like?

Organizing Tactics

Discuss ad-hoc, rule-free, non-hierarchical organizing tactics for OSS, conferences, hackerspaces, hive minds & more.

@petewearspants Hacker Dojo: Anarchy with Respect

Stand-up comedy

Proposer: Sumana Harihareswara

I have a half-hour stand-up comedy routine about open source, science fiction, project management, transit, and relationships. People seem to like it. If you want, I'll do it during a Friday session.

PGP Key Signing Party

Proposer: Gregory Haynes, Spencer Krum

A GnuPG Key signing party!

Where's the Party?

Where's the Party is a distributed censorship-resistant mirror network implemented in client side Javascript. Discuss, prototype. Please read link first if possible. @petewearspants *Great for smalldata fans*

Open Source Media

Proposer: @drnormal

This could easily be a software, hardware and cultural discussion. So let's seriously sit down and talk about professional video production workflow and the open source tools that exist today. But wait, there's more! What if we then discuss a pie-in-the-sky (I don't even know why pies should exist in the lower atmosphere) vision of how high quality user generated video content will be produced and shared in an open source world. What is the shortest path to pushing a content stream from a HD quality camera sensor to the web? Can you imagine a time where every moment is captured and rendered on the web in real time? How will open source contribute to this cacophony of life streams? Are we doomed or is this the beginning of our virtual evolution? Can we get VC funding for this or start a Kickstarter campaign? I want to know!