2011/The Locker Project, TeleHash, and You

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Get an introduction to what these projects are, how they can help you with your personal data, and what kinds of exciting things are being built atop them.

Speaker: Jeremie Miller

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Contributed notes

by @jeremie, @lockerproject, lockerproject.org, #lockerproject

Sharing information in 2011 tends to go through proprietary services in the cloud.

Kademlia is a nice implementation of a distributed hash table. Telehash is built on Kademlia.

A Telex is a JSON message and a switch is a node on the network.

Telehash is not a content transport, creates no trust or identity. Everything is a hash.

Lockers plug into various services and slurp your data into a database that you control.

Singly is safe, secure hosting for your locker. The turnkey solution. Each user gets their own virtual machine. Plans are to set up hosting in lots of countries so you can keep your data under the jurisdiction that you want.

TOFUPOP: trust on first use, persistent of pseudonym

"Geohash maps perfectly into Telehash"