2011/GraphViz: The Open-Source Body Scanner for Code, Systems, and Data

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Do you generate, manage, or analyze a lot of data? Do you develop software? Do you like pretty pictures? If your answer was “yes” to zero or more of these questions, this talk is for you.

Speaker: Matt Youell

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Contributed notes

Thank you to everyone who attended. Notes/materials are up! There are also a few examples and links that I didn't get a chance to cover. See http://github.com/built/osbridge11.

For those who weren't at the talk, there are no slides, sorry. Also: you missed candy.

NOW GO TO http://graphviz.org AND DOWNLOAD GRAPHVIZ!!!

And play. :)


My (Ian Dees) notes on the talk, done in GraphViz:


GraphViz source code for the image