2011/EPUB - What, Why, and How

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ePUB is the open e-book standard. Building on previous open standards, the ePUB format allows for flexible and flowing documentation, perfect for viewing on a variety of devices where the forced page sizing of other formats fails. We’ll crack open some ePUB files and take a look at the innards and then we’ll check out some tools to make ePUB generation less painful.

Speaker: Jason LaPier

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Contributed notes

For your epubbing pleasure:

The presentation, in EPUB format: EPUB, What, Why, and How

The source files for the presentation: https://github.com/jlapier/epub_what_why_how

A “Choose Your Path” kind of story, for fun and demonstration: fsck story

Fork the story source and help write it: https://github.com/jlapier/fsck-story

A real, complete novel (excerpt and full novel available in EPUB format): Unexpected Rain

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