2011/Control Emacs with Your Beard: the All-Singing All-Dancing Intro to Hacking the Kinect

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See! The Amazing Future of Human-Computer Interaction! Behold! The Awesome Power of Open-Source Libraries and Cheap Video-Game Accessories! Fake Beards!

Speakers: Devin Chalmers, Greg Borenstein

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Contributed notes

Program the Kinect with OpenNI and Processing. OpenNI acts as a driver and calculates a "skeleton" over a person that it "sees".

The Kinect was actually developed by an Israeli company called PrimeSense.

Uses an infrared projector to cast lots of dots on the scene and an offset infrared camera to see the dots. Objects that are closer reflect the dots at a different offset than objects that are farther away. There is one infrared camera and one RGB camera.

Microsoft recently released their own SDK with better skeleton calculation.

"Making Things See" coming soon from O'Reilly.

talk by @atduskgreg @qwyzybug

Kinect works best at ~10 feet. Will work at lower resolution at 20 - 30 ft.