2010/Transparent, Collaborative, Participatory - Grass Roots Implementation of the Open Government Directive

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The Obama administration signed the Open Government Directive on its first day in office, promising to make government more collaborative, transparent and participatory. This panel will explore nongovernmental projects currently underway throughout the US and world that aim to forward this vision. .

Speaker: Mark Frischmuth

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Contributed notes

Transparent, Participatory, Collaborative -

Grass Roots Implementation of the Open Government Directive

Occurs: June 1st, 2:30 PM – 3:15 PM at the Portland Art Museum


Jim Gilliam, 3dna

Travis Kriplean, University of Washington

Bjorn Freeman-Benson, DemocracyLab.org

Moderator: Mark Frischmuth, DemocracyLab.org


2:30 – 2:34 Topic Introduction (Mark)

What is the Open Government Directive?

What are some examples of how it has succeeded?

Where has it fallen short of its promise?

What is the role of the civic sector in promoting its aims?

2:34 – 2:40 Panelist Introductions (2 minutes each)

2:40 – 2:49 Transparency (conversation between panelists)

How have government and citizens become more transparent to each other?

What principles and safeguards should guide technical solutions?

2:49 – 2:58 Participatory (conversation between panelists)

How successful has the government been at facilitating meaningful participation?

What works in encouraging online civic engagement?

2:58 – 3:07 Collaborative (conversation between panelists)

What tools and techniques can promote collaboration among adversarial parties?

Will online collaboration create better policy solutions than the status quo? When?

3:07 – 3:15 Q & A