2010/Relational vs. Non-Relational

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What kind of database do you need?

Thanks to new database projects like CouchDB, TokyoCabinet, Solr and others, there are more non-relational database options available than ever for developers. Yet good information on how to choose what kind of database you need is still scarce. We’ll cure that in this talk.

Speaker: Josh Berkus

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Josh Berkus Josh@postgresql.org

Slides: http://www.pgexperts.com/document.html?id=40

Www.ossdbsurvey.org open source database survey

"NoSQL movement" a term used to refer to DBs with no SQL interface.  But not useful to lump them together since they are designed to serve different purposes.

No new db designs, there are new implementations, combinations and improvements.

Map/reduce support

Performance differentiator is commit to disk guarantee.

Relational column-store dative like lucid for bi type uses

Couchdb a good doc store. Also good for mobile apps

Graph db like neo4j for friends of friends type problems

Crash report analysis for firefox: hadoop "massively parallel data mine"