2010/OAuth: an Open Specification for Web Services

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Curious about OAuth? Ever wondered why OAuth has steadily gained popularity among major API providers such as Google and Twitter? Ever wondered how OAuth helps streamline consuming data from other providers? Learn more about OAuth the specification and how to implement OAuth with PHP5. The session will cover the basics of OAuth, and follow up with an OAuth implementation using php.net/oauth.

Speaker: John Jawed

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Contributed notes

Session slides: http://bit.ly/osb_oauth (slides do live code evaluation.)

Awesome notes by Matt Woodward (@mpwoodward): http://post.ly/i9t6

Complete walkthrough for interacting with OAuth API's: http://toys.lerdorf.com/archives/50-Using-pecloauth-to-post-to-Twitter.html

Complete walkthrough for providing OAuth API's: http://toys.lerdorf.com/archives/55-Writing-an-OAuth-Provider-Service.html

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