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It’s not enough to have a website. You need to have your website (and your business) be findable, and not drive normal people (eg, everyone but you and your web designer) nuts. And you need to make sure that Google has it right.

Here’s how.

Speaker: VJ Beauchamp

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Contributed notes

The slides are in PDF format at:

GZIP compression :

Google's AJAX (and Javascript) Libraries :

Mike Belasco's Local SEO Basics presentation :

GA Asynchronous Tracking Code The Google Analytics Asynchronous Tracking Code snippet is useful for speeding up websites. It loads faster, it enhances data collection, and it eliminates common errors.

Microformats & Rich Snippets

A great, and lengthy, exploration of Local Search Ranking Factors, 2009, was put together by David Mihm.

Localeze’s Gib Olander talks about REcovery and DIScovery. “45% of all Local searches fall into the former category, where people know the business they’re looking for, and are just trying to find “NAP” (Name, Address, Phone) details."