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Speaker: Peter Fein

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Contributed notes

Go ahead and put some notes for your lightning talk under a subheading.


Haiku is available at http://haiku-os.org/, and (obviously) i highly recommend trying it out in a VM (i was using VirtualBox for the talk, but there are pre-made VMWare images available for download, too. Or just grab the iso and install).

This article is a much more technical and in-depth look at BFS/OpenBFS, which i demo'd very briefly yesterday. This chapter of the Haiku User Guide provides a tutorial on how to use OpenBFS to build a small library application.

Thoughtcrime Experiments

Why do we love scifi? Because we love thought experiments. We love imagining how things would be different, with different constraints. This is also why we're hackers.

Thoughtcrime Experiments is a Creative-Commons-licensed anthology of fantasy and science fiction and art. You can download it for free in a variety of formats, read it online, or buy it as a print-on-demand paperback.

OSB attendees might especially like "Single-Bit Error" by Ken Liu, in which an engineer disenchanted with atheism tries to activate faith in himself by causing a hardware fault in his brain.

And if you have some topic you care about, and you wish there were a book about it, don't wait for some big publisher to make one. You don't have to wait for O'Reilly or Apress to put out a book about your favorite technology. Our HOWTO explains how we made the anthology, including budget, timeline, workflow, tools, and a sample contract with authors/artists.

Also, please feel free to mashup or otherwise derive interesting new works from Thoughtcrime Experiments.