2010/Iizip: Hacking together your own Dropbox

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Speaker: Ben Dechrau

What is iizip?

iizip aims to provide a simple and transparent file synchronisation mechanism for individuals and enterprises alike. It is a work in progress.

The project was first announced at Linux Conference 2010 and the author will be giving a more technical presentation at Open Source Bridge in Portland, Oregon in June 2010.

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Contributed notes

Advanced git flags for specifying the locations of the metadata directory and the working copy:  --git-dir and --work-tree

Open API that mimics Ubuntu One is available.

Conflict resolution by renaming one version of the conflicting file and leaving both files in the repository.

inotifywait - command line interface to inotify.

In the pipeline: partial checkout via subscriptions to given folders.

Unison is a file synchronization tool for Unix and Windows.

Checking in iizip files and pulling updates is automatic.  But there is nothing to prevent you from skipping the automation utility and running the git commands yourself - at least on Linux.

http://github.com/bendchrau/iizip http://iizip.com/