2010/Developing Replication Plugins for Drizzle

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The Drizzle Project is a fork of the MySQL 6.0 server. One of the many goals of Drizzle is to enable a large plugin ecosystem by improving, simplifying, and modernizing the application programming interfaces between the kernel and the modules providing services for Drizzle. This tutorial serves to showcase the new APIs for Drizzle’s replication through a series of in-depth examples.

Speaker: Padraig O'Sullivan

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Topics Covered

  1. Drizzle Architecture Overview
  2. Plugin Basics
  3. Replication Overview
  4. Google Protocol Buffers Overview
  5. Transaction and Statement Messages
  6. Walkthrough of filtered replicator plugin
  7. Walkthrough of transaction log plugin
  8. Brief Discussion of Cassandra Applier, RabbiqMQ replication, and Memcached query cache
  9. Q&A