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“This compression algorithm is of course very inefficient, at least when applied to a small collection of documents. But if you were to apply it to a larger collection, say, all the music ever recorded and all movies ever made, some gains may be realized…

Speaker: Markus Roberts

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Contributed notes

Copyright lawyers assert that if you have copyright over something then you also have copyright on digital representations even if they are compressed or included with other works.

Every possible copyrighted song, movie, or other work is included in the value 01010100b using soup stone compression.  All you need to decompress the work you want is to know the index of that work in the archive, which can be found in a large but finite length of time.  The same value happens to be the ASCII representation of the lowercase letter "d".

One of the largest known prime numbers is x86 byte code for descrambling CSS encrypted DVDs.

If you accept the axioms of copyright then to distribute the lowercase letter "d" requires the permission of anyone who holds a copyright on anything.  "d" may also be protected by the DMCA.