2010/Being a Catalyst in Communities - The science behind the open source way

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How does Red Hat have wild success with Fedora and other FLOSS projects? By following a method firmly rooted in humanism, practice, and science. Learn in this session how to be an effective catalyst in communities of users, contributors, and businesses.

Speaker: Karsten Wade

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Contributed notes

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Presenter's notes

When I wrote this presentation, I worked from a complex set of notes that are more report like without a formal report structure. These notes are too long to embody in the slides, which is my usual method. Instead, the notes view of the slides has a shortened list where each line is roughly corresponding to a paragraph or two in the long notes version.

If you'd like to see another version of this presentation, I also gave it as a keynote at SCALE 8X:

... short 5 minute loss ...

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