2009/Exhibit Hall

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We have all of exhibit hall B at the Oregon Convention Center and no formal plans for what to put in it. What would you like to do?

Picture of the space for inspiration


We have a limited number of exhibit tables available for user groups and open source projects to show off their work. Any sponsor or registered attendee can request one to use. To do this, email sponsorship@opensourcebridge.org with the subject "Table Space", and information on how much space you need. The tables are 8' long, so you can share with another group if you'd like.

Patio Time

Bring a lawn chair or two. Hang out. Hack. Badminton optional.

Robot Wars

I bet my sumo bot can beat up your sumo bot.


Is it art? I have no idea. Bring it anyhow.

In honor of Portland, the theme of the conference, and the open source community model, how about collaborative bridge scale models (in popsicle sticks, etc.)?


  • What about a Jeopardy game with lots of geeky categories and jeopardy answers?
  • Big Wheel races
  • Wii: The Return
  • Frets On Fire

Mini Golf

Requires: astroturf.