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Microblogging lets people share short status messages with their social network. Public Web sites like Twitter, Jaiku and Plurk are wildly popular with consumers, but Open Source programs allow a distributed social graph and implementation inside the enterprise firewall. Evan Prodromou, founder of Identi.ca, will describe the Open Source microblogging tool Laconica and its uses in the workplace and on the Public Web.

Speaker: Evan Prodromou

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Contributed notes

public services need one good protocol and one good server.

Contributed notes (notbenh)

As software moves in to the cloud, companies are finding that it is advantageous to create a walled garden. This is good for the company but it is not very good for the user. The answer is an open cloud.

franklin street statement http://autonomo.us/2008/07/franklin-street-statement/

status matters, (sync and async), everyone is doing it. The idea is very very flexible but everyone is building there own. There is not a little iner-op between systems, so there is some work to be done.

open comunication requires an open statndard, it's happened before, look at email. But Social networks don't yet have a single protocol. So how do we get to that? Build one.

goals :

- easy to install anywhere (php + mysql) - scalable (both number of users but number of posts) - themeable (not everyone will want the same look)

thus we now have: http://laconi.ca

Current solution to a protocal is to clone the twitter API, allows for many 3rd party apps.

email gateways for SMS jabber for IM there is an event based hook plugin structure

"good-enough-for-now global protocol" http://openmicroblogging.org/

"good-enough-for-now global syntax" http://microsyntax.org

because it's open you can start to build features that others do not have

- groups - file share - conversation tracking - ...

status are just status, so theres no reason that this has to be to and from humans. Messages can be passed to and from robots just as well.

Contributed notes (kire contribs)

Belief in open

problem moving into the cloud

moving from open and distribyuted and collecion of online services like facebook == aol

dangerous trend to move too far into the cloud

over concentration into the hands of the few.

part of group called autnomo.us

how to break systems into smaller and distributed.

Open source + data + standards = web

status box really matters on the web

short notices that are distrubuted to social network accross multiple channels, simple, sync and aysnc

distrubuted communities require 1 good protocol and an open source server reuiqements

  • simallable anywhere
  • fast moving dev community i.e. php + mysql
  • themable
  • etensible
  • programmable - API
  • scalable - few message that fan out - real-time xp if possible

speaker - what I did... http://laconi.ca

cloned twitter REST API

offline processing -> STOMP jabber for IM email for SMS Hooks-based plug-in arch a la MediaWiki

openmicroblogging.org - good enough protoco

  • http based
  • pub-sub users can connect
  • OAuth
  • auth remote and push notices in to inbox

0.1 - push text and profile 0.2 - Atom entries and vCards


50 contributers, plugins, 200 public sites, and enterprise usage want ot see it grow to the same scale as wordpress 1M by 2013

1. enterprises target market 2. branding and broadcaster 3. Communities

questions: What is STOMP? interface for queue servers - work servers consume entities. protocol for queuing - RabbitMQ - ActiveMQ

What other kinds of uses are you finding other than micrologging? ie environmental data from John Maetta school districts for parents getting status updates server admins getting status of apps would like to see status as a service.

What is the current status of the project, what is stable? queue server file sharing still under development location and history of location + search stoing data efficiently and change back and forth

What are you doing for filtering? important if you are subscriber to thousands of ppl mute button baeyiean filtering social network preferences

File sharing and piracy? in most cases not their problem since site is owned by others filter on MIME, size, type CC license eventually crowd sourced

Did the implementation lead design or vice verse in openmicroblogging? Developed in parallel

How does it compare with Open Social? More like FB application missing deferation has status mechanism identi.ca would like to tap into it. provider of open social status