2009/Is the Web Down: a Practical Tutorial on How the Web Works

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You click on a link and you can’t get to your favorite web site. Now what? Is the web site down? Is it your connection? Is it something in between? How can you figure out what’s wrong if you don’t know how it works? We’ll show you everything that happens after you click a link so next time the web site is down you’ll know what to do to fix it.

Speakers: Michael Schwern, Joshua Keroes

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Contributed notes

Packetlife.net is an excellent repository of networking cheatsheets.

"418 I'm a teapot" comes from RFC 2324 Hyper Text Coffee Pot Control Protocol (HTCPCP/1.0) which is an April Fool's joke BUT still a valid Internet protocol. Such is the way RFCs work.

A pretty good explanation of using SSH to encrypt your network connections can be found here and here's one about using SSH + SOCKS to encrypt your web browser connections. Most network things can use a SOCKS proxy such as your IM client.

OTR (Off The Record) messaging can be used to encrypt individual IM conversations.

Slides will be on Slideshare.

The slides (in Keynote) are kept in this public repository.

The music for the opening and closing slides is by Modeselektor and used without permission.