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BOF to go with the “My Grand Experiment” Talk. http://opensourcebridge.org/sessions/115

Speaker: gabrielle roth

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Contributed notes

Hello why are we here

Forum for addressing women in tech.


Unicorns. ya you had to be there.

Gender interaction

"taking the keyboard away"

it is often observed that man will often do the 'Just let me do it'. Though as the discussion developed we started to look at if this is even a gender issue or is this a knowledge level.

... is location relevant?

Do gender issues act the same way when you have an in-room interaction, vs say over the phone or email?


Sometimes you have to approach a conversation head strong and prove your place right off the top, other times there is the pattern to lay low and wait and see how the conversation develops. Is it better to jump to the defensive or is it better to play it safe and give them the benefit of the doubt.

At what point do you assume that what the intent of non-verbal communication (ie email).


Sometimes humor can smooth things over in contentious issues. Where is the line where you just have to take it, or when is it an issue for HR to manage?

Develop thick skin

1) is it really helpful to the issue or does it just continue the problem? 2) is it good for you?

Social skills

How do you address a failing in social skills. Is it a matter of teaching or just picking your battles?