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Rockets attract World of Warcraft chip exposure: McHale into incentives June 26, according to ESPN veteran reporter Mark - Stein said the reason why the Rockets banned the Celtics contact Kevin - McHale, because the Rockets think McHale is they attract Dwight - Title Loaded From File Howard One of the chips. Earlier, the United States media pointed out that there is a 'low master' called McHale to transform Howard, and 'Magic Johnson' is more bluntly Howard played in the hands of McHale is very happy - many media in the United States on June 18 The day broke the news that the Celtics made the Rockets interview McHale's application, but the Rockets did not agree. Of course, the Rockets reluctant to lose McHale, probably because of his lead performance is remarkable. However, Stan also revealed another reason, but also the main reason - Howard, because the Rockets think McHale is one of the chips they attract Howard. Why McHale is to attract Howard's chips? Obviously because he is hailed as one of the most power-hungry power forwards in history. 'Bleacher Sports' has given the analysis: If Howard wants to transform himself, then there are other teachers better than McHale? McHale is one of the best low-level masters in history. Although Skybar Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Dream Olajuwon have their own fantastic footsteps, in the technologies of fake action and the attack on the rim after turning around, No one is better than McHale. McHale has more than 30 kinds of footsteps, if who can become Howard's mentor, then only McHale. In addition, during the previous finals Johnson, who was an ABC television commentator, talked about Howard, who thought Howard would play Michael McHale. 'I can not tell what is best for Howard,' the magician said: 'I think he would make the best deal for himself and I would like to say that he would probably be happy to play for Kevin McHale, Because McHale is a Hall of Fame player and I feel like playing for McHale like playing Tim Duncan, the best power forward in history. 'But could McHale really be Howard's mentor? Or McHale really is the Rockets attract Howard chips? Perhaps only Howard himself clearly. (Palm beat)