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The Hacker Lounge in 2017 is open all day during the conference, as well as in the evenings.

This is a big, well-equipped room where attendees can gather to chat, hack, and collaborate. There'll be plenty of wifi, power strips, beverages, and snacks in a comfortable and friendly space. This will be a popular gathering spot between sessions and in the evenings. To get the most out of the Hacker Lounge, we challenge you to be bold, introduce yourself to new people, offer to work on projects, team up on research and experimentation, etc. For more details, see the Hacker Lounge returns to Open Source Bridge blog post.

We're making a special effort to bring active open source projects into the Hacker Lounge. If you are a project developer or contributor, consider scheduling a time when people can collaborate, discuss, and brainstorm.

Please consider sponsoring the Hacker Lounge!

Interested in hosting a table for your project? Email hackerlounge@opensourcebridge.org.