2014/ On the Shoulders Of Giants - Emacs for the Curious

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With the need for flexible editors to handle the variety of programming languages we face regularly, the Emacs community is experiencing another renaissance. Let’s get you started with Emacs and I’ll show you how to become proficient quickly.

Speaker: Howard Abrams

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Contributed notes

Slides and Audio recording (recorded after the show)

Slides Only: Download ... Hrm...large PDF of screen captures...

Links mentioned in the Talk:

After the talk, many people asked about the minor modes and customizations. All my customizations are online at http://github.com/howardabrams/dot-files and a few of my minor modes are:

  • power-line for the cool looking mode line
  • org-tree-slide mode for converting an org mode file into a presentation
  • cider for the interface to Clojure

Sorry for going so fast. There is way too much stuff to cover in just 45 minutes. Let me know if I can help get you started.