2014/OpenStreetWhat? Mapping The World With Open Data

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Come learn about OpenStreetMap, a Wikipedia-like project with over one million contributors aiming to map the entire world. We’ll talk about the project, the data, and how to do some cool things with it.

Speakers: Justin Miller, Rafa Gutierrez

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Contributed notes

talk delivered at 1000 on 25 Jun 2015 in room B302/303 to an unknown number of people

Workshop sample code: https://github.com/mapbox/osb14

Slides in PDF format are available in that repository as well. Direct link: https://github.com/mapbox/osb14/raw/master/slides.pdf

Add your OSM username here if you'd like to be part of the workshop edits visualization. We're going to try to put together a visualization of any edits that took place during the workshop.

  • incanus
  • geografa
  • hacksoft