2014/Beyond Leaning In: How to Negotiate to Get What You Want

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Now that you know how important it is to ask for want you want, come learn how to negotiate in a way that will get you what you need. For everyone of any gender identity who works at a company or freelances, who feels like a newb or an expert, this presentation will teach you effective, practical skills to improve your negotiations and deal confidently with conflicts.

Speaker: Katie Lane

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Contributed notes

Delivered at 1430 on 25 jun 2014 in room B202/203 to 56 folks

[slide deck]

[partial notes]

How to ask for what you want? People do it incorrectly! They ask for exactly what they want. They ask for a position. It is hard to negotiate when you have a position because it's an immovable position.

It's much easier to negotiate when you understand why - an interest. (The position is what you want, the interest is why.)

If you ask for what you want, the answer is yes or no. If you say why, with your interests, the target now has a ton more information to deal with. This prompts the conversation to be more of a problem solving conversation.

What if you want money? What is the "why"? "My work is worth that much." "I will bring value to my client or customer."

Link to the "What Freelancers Charge" spreadsheet mentioned in the talk.