2012/Unconference Session Ideas

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Unconference Session Ideas

  • Hack your finances , Justin Dugger
  • Puppet Modules: A Brick and Mortar Pattern, William Van Hevelingen, Reid Vandewiele
  • osbridge 2012 group bicycle ride, Casey West
  • DevOps for Networking Infrastructure: Sad State or Golden Opportunity?, David Burns
  • PGP Keysigning
  • further discussion on running good open source hacking, tutorial, or other events (carryover from Thurs session)
  • whither GitHub or DIY Git Repositories - how to decide and what to do
  • Things That Hover - An amazing, interactive, guided tour of hovering curiosities: biological, mechanical and supernatural. Hundreds of peculiar stories, pictures and videos. #ThingsThatHover. Curated by Igal Koshevoy. Etherpad with notes and suggestions