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Unconference Schedule

Time B201 B202/203 B204 B301 B302/303 B304 Hacker lounge Courtyard Other locations
10:15-11 Puppet modules - a brick and mortar pattern - William Van Hevelingen Learn to develop photographic film @cesar_pinera Techy sexagenarians - Experience enhancing the future - Jen @jewifer Business for hackers - Mike Mangino What do you want in a cloud? Re: Cloudi. Michael Troy (Free) Documenting Open Source Bridge (Audrey), Webcomics (@jamey_sharp and Bart Massey), & Selenium automation at Gilt Groupe - Ahmed Farooq afarooq@gilt.com Monads!
11:15-12 Chicktech - Jen D & Janice @chicktechorg Foursquare is down! Let's figure out IndieWeb check-ins! private posting/OAuth/IndieAuth. Tantek Çelik & Evan Prodromou Open source gardening & chickens - Sarah Sharp Things that hover - An amazing, interactive, guided tour of hovering curiosities: biological, mechanical and supernatural. Hundreds of peculiar stories, pictures and videos. #ThingsThatHover. Curated by Igal Koshevoy. Improv games for collaboration and instant community - Mike Karros Inform 7 work session - everyone welcome - Bart Massey Osbridge 2012 group bicycle ride Outdoor bicycle ride! meet out front
Lunch eating eating eating eating eating eating Stochastic, Nerdtastic Restaurant Bill Splitting, with open source Android app eating eating
1:30-2:15 Network DevOps - Derek Barns Hack your finances! - Justin Dugger Improving Student Open Source Involvement - Lance Albertson Paradoxes, Types, and how you've always been a logician - Wm. Caylee Where are your keys WAYK-style techniques for introduction to programming - Kevin T. @keturn_hax GitHub, Gerrit, Gitorious... Gwhat? - Sumana Harihareswara, @brainwane Moar open sound hardware! - Jared Boone, and Status boards (Tranquil) - Pieter OKStupid: SERIOUSLY NSFW, explicit, with explicit content warning. What dating sites teach us about online communication. Noirin Plunkett Open Source Will Save the World - Let's make it mainstream Katie Johnson @astateofkate
2:30-3:15 Help I am jumped off a cliff and am now an Android programmer that can't spell; now what? - Mar Anne, @maryannepdx How GPS works: Radio, signal processing, and trilateration. Intro level, no background knowledge assumed. @Jamey_Sharp Ask a kernel hacker anything (about Linux) - Derrick Computational journalism & data science tools - @znmeb Player vs Player economics: The role of econ in MMAs to create interesting player conflict. "Internet spaceships r serious bizness" - @schwern Outreach Events - Your Triumphs, Your Mistakes - Sumana, @brainwane Hacking the hacker lounge - intent, design, use, reuse, etc. - John Labovitz, @jslabovitz, and continuation of Status boards (Tranquil) - Pieter What's new?

Unconference Session Ideas that instigated the above list.