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Unconference Schedule

Time B201 B202/203 B204 B301 B302/303 B304 Hacker lounge Courtyard Other locations
10:15-11 Puppet modules - a brick and mortar pattern - William Van Hevelingen Learn to develop photographic film @cesar_pinera Techy sexagenarians - Experience enhancing the future - Jen @jewifer Business for hackers - Mike Mangino What do you want in a cloud? Re: Cloudi. Michael Troy Logical volume manager - Brian Martin Documenting Open Source Bridge (Audrey), Webcomics (@jamey_sharp and Bart Massey), & Selenium automation at Gilt Groupe - Ahmed Farooq afarooq@gilt.com Monads!
11:15-12 Chicktech - Jen D & Janice @chicktechorg Foursquare is down! Let's figure out IndieWeb check-ins! private posting/OAuth/IndieAuth. Tantek Çelik & Evan Prodromou Open source gardening & chickens - Sarah Sharp Client side app framework improv theater possibly with Knockout.js - Edwin Knuth Things that hover - Igal Koshevoy Improv games for collaboration and instant community - Mike Karros Inform 7 work session - everyone welcome - Bart Massey & Outdoor bicycle ride! meet out front
Lunch eating eating eating eating eating eating eating eating eating
1:30-2:15 Network DevOps - Derek Barns Hack your finances! - Justin Dugger Improving Student Open Source Involvement - Lance Albertson Paradoxes, Types, and how you've always been a logician - Wm. Caylee Where are your keys WAYK-style techniques for introduction to programming - Kevin T. @keturn_hax GitHub, Gerrit, Gitorious... Gwhat? - Sumana Harihareswara Moar open sound hardware! - Jared Boone, and Status boards (Tranquil) - Pieter OKStupid - Noirin
2:30-3:15 Hacking the hacker lounge - intent, design, use, reuse, etc. - John Labovitz, @jslabovitz, and continuation of Status boards (Tranquil) - Pieter What's new?