2012/The Bacomatic 5000: Migrating from Arduino-AVR to ARM Using Libmaple

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Using open source hardware and software I will present migration paths from the Arduino to a more powerful architecture without significant cost increase or having to relearn everything.

Speaker: Donald Davis

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Contributed notes

A web copy of the slides are at http://suspectdevices.com/TheBaco-matic5000-OSB/.

arduino.cc — makers of the arduino.

leaflabs.com/ — makers of the Maple platform.

pjrc.com — maker of the teensy++

https://github.com/soycamo/maplebacon — hardware for the bom5k and the maple bacon.

https://github.com/leaflabs/libmaple – libmaple

https://github.com/suspect-devices/cache-and-carry firmware for the bom5k that I did as part of some thought work at random hacks of kindess at the beginning of June.