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Portland, Oregon, is the ideal location for a community-oriented open source developers’ conference. The collaborative open-source mindset has become a core component of the creative culture in Portland, a town that also boasts leading minds in writing, graphic design, web design, music, and culinary pursuits. There is much to see and do in Portland:


Visitors information sites for the area:


Portland has a metro-wide mass transit system called TriMet, which we encourage you to use. Fares are $2.35 for an all-zone ticket, good for 2 hours—this will take you from the airport to anywhere else in the system; an all-day ticket is only $4.75. Rides within the Free Rail Zone, which covers most of downtown Portland, are free on MAX and the Portland Streetcar. Trip planning assistance is available from TriMet, and on Google Transit.


Learn more about local events on the Other events page.


There are many excellent museums to visit:


Portland is famous for its parks and trails:


Interesting sights nearby:


The Portland area is famous for its thriving microbrewery culture:


Many fine wineries are located in the region and welcome visitors: