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On-Site Volunteer position descriptions are below. If you would like to volunteer during the conference, check out How to Sign-Up.

If you have any questions, contact Shepherd Griffin, our Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@opensourcebridge.org.

Setup Day Volunteers

4-5 volunteers to help set up the day before the conference, Monday June 20th, 12-5pm.

Speaker Party Volunteers

2-3 Volunteers to help out at the speaker party on the evening of Wednesday, June 22nd.

Assistant Volunteer Coordinator

Daytime and evening volunteer coordination. Two volunteers at least to cover 8am to 6pm and one volunteer to cover 6pm to 9pm.


  • Familiarize yourself with the other volunteer positions.
  • Familiarize yourself with the conference schedule.
  • Help Re-assign volunteers (starting with "General Support") as needed to fill gaps in the schedule.
  • Greet volunteers who are starting their shifts and give them basic instruction on what to do.
  • Have each volunteer sign in for their shift by initially next to their name on the schedule.
  • Answer volunteers' questions as they arise.
  • One volunteer coordinator is needed for each 4-hour shift

Hacker Lounge Assistant (8am - 6am)

Hang out in the hacker lounge and make sure things run smoothly. 1-3 volunteers needed in 2- and 4-hour shifts.


  • Hang out and be social.
  • Let people know that you are there to answer questions and help.
  • Greet people. Help them find the group, project or challenge they are looking to meet up with.
  • Let people in/out of the building during after-hours times.
  • Be friendly, yet security conscious — be aware who is attending in the space, particularly in after-hours.
  • Review the projects and challenges scheduled for hacker lounge that evening, get to know what's available to suggest to people and be available to help groups.
  • Encourage groups to advertise what project they're with (we will have card stock with which people can make signs).
  • Help arrange supplies if needed, such as stationary supplies, white board markers/erasers, and projector if we have on
  • There may be more than one coordinator on duty at a time. Introduce yourself to each other.
  • Check in with the next coordinators as your shift is ending and let them know how things are going.
  • Help keep the wiki updated on project/commit/challenge accomplishments.
  • Have contact info and get in touch with a core volunteer, Eliot Center personnel or Seamless Wireless if any issues arise.
  • Multiple volunteers needed in 2- and 4-hour shifts.
  • Keep the food, beverage and snack table stocked and periodically clean up the space.
  • Help ensure than any outside food and drink containers are removed, and that the food area and entire lounge space are tidied up before 7am.

Session Room Assistant (one per room)

Attend a session and help out as needed. 1 volunteer per room (we have six) per session block.


  • Check in for your shift and pick up session comment card(s).
  • Be in the session room 5-10 minutes before the start of the session.
  • Introduce yourself to the speaker and let them know you are available in case they need anything.
  • Remind the speaker to speak into the microphone (that's how session audio is recorded)
  • Welcome people to the room.
  • Announce the talk title and speaker so people know they are in the right place.
  • Take a headcount a few minutes into the session.
  • Record the headcount along with any comments on the session comment card (see Volunteer Coordinator if you don't have one).
  • If there are any A/V issues, get an A/V tech (from Seamless, in the black polo shirts).
  • Shifts match the session times: 9:45 to 11:45 13:15 to 15:15 15:30 to 17:30.
  • 1 volunteer per room per session block

General Event Support

Provide misc support for the event: run errands, relieve and fill in for other volunteer positions, etc. 4-5 volunteers needed during the day and 1-2 volunteers needed during the evening BoFs (until 10pm).


  • Check in for your shift at the volunteer lounge (initial on the schedule next to your name).
  • Fill in for other positions as needed (the Volunteer Coordinator will let you know).
  • Check with volunteers at other stations periodically and see if anyone needs to be relieved for bathroom breaks, etc.
  • Engage people in conversation who look lost or confused, helping make sure everyone is getting around okay.
  • Help track down an A/V tech (there are two of these on staff from the A/V company during the day) or the Logistics Coordinator to deal with A/V and setup needs as they arise.
  • Evening event support volunteers should note attendance and content for the BoFs.

Speaker Lounge Coordinators

Monitor the speaker lounge. Welcome speakers and help them with any issues that arise. 1 volunteer per shift.


  • Check in for your shift at the volunteer lounge (initial on the schedule next to your name).
  • Hang out in the speaker lounge and be available for any issues that arise.
  • See the Volunteer or Logistics Coordinators if you are asked a question you cannot answer.
  • Remind the speaker to speak into the microphone (that's how session audio is recorded)

Greeters (8am to 10am)

Welcome people to the conference on the first day, provide directions to registration and rooms. 3-4 volunteers per shift.


  • Check in for your shift at the volunteer lounge (initial on the schedule next to your name).
  • Stand directly outside of the Eliot Center and welcome attendees to the conference.
  • Direct attendees to registration.
  • Answer questions. Familiarize yourself with the nearby bike and car parking options.

Registration Assistant Coordinator (8am to 4:45pm)

Help out at the registration desk (registering attendees, badge printing, answering questions.) One volunteer will act as a back-up to the registration coordinator. 2-3 per shift (more volunteers needed in the morning).


  • Check in for your shift at the volunteer lounge (initial on the schedule next to your name).
  • Go to the registration desk and let the Registration Coordinator (Kirsten) know you are ready for your shift.
  • Help print and distribute badges, register attendees and troubleshoot any issues.
  • One volunteer will be specified as a back up for the Registration Coordinator.