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Brian is a seasoned entrepreneur with many technology-related companies to his credit. He has worked with Linux, open source, and the Internet professionally since 1995.

In 2004 he co-founded OpenSourcery, a professional services web development firm, where he manages business operations.

Brian also serves on the board of the Software Association of Oregon and as President of the Portland Open Source Software Entrepreneurs (POSSE), as well as an advisor, mentor, or board member for numerous startups.

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* BOF - Open source software entrepreneurs - POSSE

Do you run, or are you thinking about starting an open source software company? Come meet and talk with like-minded entrepreneurs. Hosted by the Portland Open Source Software Entrepreneurs (POSSE)
Brian Jamison

Open Source Bridge 2009

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* HOWTO earn an open source living without taking on investors or selling your soul

Earning a living from open source software? Yes, we can. Let's talk about what actually works (and what doesn't work) for building a service business based not just on open source software, but with an open source philosophy, drawing on real world experience.
Brian Jamison

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* Open source: the business case

There are outstanding technical reasons for using open source software, but what is the business case? Where does open source shine on the bottom line, and where does it fall flat? And what are the critical success factors required to realize the benefits of open source?
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Brian Jamison