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Don’t let the blonde hair or goofy smile, fool you. I’ve been partner to designing delightful experiences around web content & community for about a decade. Currently, I’m working along side people more awesome than myself @ Mozilla as the creative team’s lead for & (a collection of over 170 websites in more than 60 languages & always growing!). Getting to work on the Mozilla project is a daily practice of living, designing, and developing with optimism; we have a .com brain and a .org heart!

I’m a temporarily displaced Brooklynite and pug lover/rescuer who is starting to love living in San Francisco. If I could give any advice to anyone, but especially to girls and women, I’d refer to The Diamond Age, By Neal Stephenson: “…dispense with what makes you like all the other girls and concentrate on what makes you different.”

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Open source projects have long skimped on presentation & packaging. Let's change that. Learn how developers can create opportunities for designers to contribute to projects. Great design is the best way to draw an audience to your project & build contributor confidence.
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Chrissie Brodigan