Christian Schumann-Curtis

Christian Schumann-Curtis



Christian Schumann-Curtis is a GIS professional with 15 years’ experience focused on empowering colleagues and clients with GIS processes and information products.

Recent projects include:
→Reverse engineering school attendance boundaries to make school-specific demographic profiles for the entire nation.
→Testing, documentation, and training for aerial and terrain-based multi sensor platform to rapidly generate 3D digital models of terrain and vegetation along utility corridors
→Cartography for litigation support

Other projects include:
→Established eight production centers delivering GIS products and services in five countries, training over 50 technicians and five production supervisors, once in Spanish.
→Training the team of technicians which produced the set of nationwide high-resolution aerial photography which populated the technology which became Google Earth

Resolving issues that arise in projects while meeting the needs of supervisors and clients is a dynamic challenge in which I thrive.

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