Darrell Fuhriman


Darrell Fuhriman

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Darrell wrangles data and corrals systems for a green energy startup. In his copious free time he rows and teaches GIS at Portland State University. He holds a BS in Geography from Portland State University, and an MS in Geography from Penn State University, where he studied Environmental Justice and the Political Ecology of e-waste in Accra, Ghana. He has an unfortunate travel addiction.

Sessions for this user

* Open Source GIS Desktop Smackdown

See the leading open source GIS desktop systems solve real world problems.
David Percy, Darrell Fuhriman, Christian Schumann-Curtis

* So, You Want to Make a Map?

Practical cartographic geekery for accidental and padawan mapmakers: a crash course in Mapping 101 where we'll talk about the anatomy of maps and what you need to know when creating them. Topics include cartographic standards, projections, visualization, and the fine art of finding, deciphering, and using geodata and metadata. Included will be examples of the good, the bad, and the ugly, as well as resources for further exploration.
Sarah Beecroft, Darrell Fuhriman