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Jonathan Karon



Jonathan is a software product designer, technologist, and innovator. He has co-founded 4 agencies and software startups, published a few mobile apps, and happily provides renaissance-style consulting to various interested parties as Master and Commander of Tappister.
Jonathan is also a Grand Magnate and linguistic architect at Unicorn.VC.

Sessions for this user

* How Python Saved 263 Lives, and Our Sanity

Faced with bit rot, expired proprietary software, and imminent collapse, we spent 2 weeks re-inventing a tsunami casualty simulator using open-source technologies. Come hear about the pitfalls, the elation, and how switching to an open stack changes the economics of city planning.
Jonathan Karon

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* Unicorn: Tools and methods for vanquishing evil

Join us for an introduction to Unicorn.VC, and help us vanquish evil.
Chemistry 2011-03-09 22:35:50 +0000
John Metta, Jonathan Karon