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Jeff is a web developer at ActiveState in Vancouver BC, and is also a ember of the Vancouver PHP Association and organizer of the Open Web Vancouver 2009 conference.

Proposals for this user

* PCI compliant E-commerce using Drupal, Ubercart and IP Apps.

Nothing kills the trendy, devil-may-care feel of a Webby start-up quite like having to sign in and log all visitors to your office. This is just one part of the harsh realities around PCI compliance.
Business 2009-04-03 23:20:19 +0000
Jeff Griffiths

* Restful JSON the easy way with CakePHP

The last thing you want to present a potential user of your API is a form post scheme like the one Cake expects to get on server side. Nobody would use it!
Cooking 2009-04-03 23:13:52 +0000
Jeff Griffiths