Jeff Griffiths


Full-stack web hacker and Add-ons Evangelist working at Mozilla, based in Vancouver BC.

Open Source Bridge 2013

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* Hacking: the Product Management Superpower!

I'm a web hacker first - this means I can express myself as easily in code as I can in prose or a spreadsheet - probably better. As I've tackled this new role I've discovered that my hacking abilities are actually like a superpower, allowing me to be more independent and productive than I otherwise would be. Why? Simply put, the most important resource I have to make the right product decisions is data, so the key skills I have at my disposal are my abilities to query, filter and analyze available data sources to really understand my users.
Business 2013-02-22 01:38:17 +0000
Jeff Griffiths

* Let's hack the web, 1 API at a time!

If you ever wanted to implement your own DOM API but were afraid, fear not! The power is within your grasp at last!
Cooking 2013-02-14 02:09:24 +0000
Jeff Griffiths

Open Source Bridge 2012

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* Sorry for Browser Hacking

The web was born of a series of deeply audacious hacks that created and transformed the browser into the most important, transparent, buggy and misunderstood software ever. A big part of the credit for this goes to the ability of any programmer to hack the browser itself using the technology of the web itself.
Jeff Griffiths

Open Source Bridge 2011

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* MongoDb clustering: recipes and tall tales from a high-traffic production system.

Our production environment used an established, well-known Hybrid Cloud hosting company who offered the best IO bang for the buck., including all the bells and whistles: Web-based interface, Ubuntu support, good support and better performance than their competitors. The gotcha was that their massive lead in IO performance was due to their use of SAN storage mounted to each vm via iSCSI. As it turns out, once in a while this storage link would 'hiccup' every once in a while. The effect on MySQL was catastrophic, IOWAIT would go through the roof, and although the box was still up, it was dead as a doornail in terms of workload. It took us a day or tow to figure out what was happening, and then to also figure out that this was happening on the MongoDb replicas as well.
Cooking 2011-03-16 04:51:29 +0000
Jeff Griffiths

* Transit data hacking with the mobile web

The initial implementation of Nextbus used a jQTouch-based web client talking to the Translink API via a server-side proxy written in PHP. I eventually added basic stop search history support using localStorage, and recently have re-factored the app significantly: * a less webkit-centric interface * completely new workflow based around Geolocation instead of stop number lookup
Hacks 2011-03-16 05:16:47 +0000
Jeff Griffiths