Chris Pitzer

Chris Pitzer

Lo-Fi Art


Chris is a web application developer at Lo-Fi Art, where he uses Python and Django.

He is an active member in the Portland tech community. He attends and occasionally speaks at PDXPython, and has helped organize several events with Legion of Tech.

Open Source Bridge 2011

Sessions for this user

* Write better Javascript with RequireJS

Web frameworks have done a good job of organizing the server side code in our web applications. But that doesn't help with Javascript. RequireJS helps you solve this problem.
Chris Pitzer

Open Source Bridge 2010

Proposals for this user

* Django 102 - past the introduction

You've been through the tutorials on Django, and now you want to deploy a real site in it - and you're lost. Let's fix that.
Cooking 2010-03-26 00:06:35 +0000
Chris Pitzer

* GeoDjango

Want to build that kick ass geo-site? Use Django!
Cooking 2010-03-26 00:10:52 +0000
Chris Pitzer

Open Source Bridge 2009

Proposals for this user

* Take the plunge: Start using Linux as your primary OS (alternate)

Have you been thinking of trying Linux as a primary OS? Have you installed Ubuntu once or twice but felt that it was a bit too awkward to use? This presentation will help you get past the tough parts and will show you where you can find quick answers in the future.
Culture 2009-04-09 17:30:47 +0000
Chris Pitzer

* Take the plunge: Start using Linux as your primary OS

You've thought about Linux for a while. Maybe you've installed a distribution like Ubuntu, but it didn't stick. Now is your chance to take the plunge.
Cooking 2009-03-11 02:55:18 +0000
Chris Pitzer