Brian Panulla


Brian Panulla

Foreclosure Radar


Brian is a software developer and erstwhile freelance technologist living in Portland. He recently joined Foreclosure Radar as Business Intelligence Developer, where he builds interactive data visualization and reporting tools and the semantic models and services that make them work.

A self-diagnosed community junkie, Brian is the demiurge of the Portland Semantic Web Interest Group (@pdxsemweb). In his free time, Brian can often be found on Twitter contributing to annoying hashtag memes.

Brian relocated to the Portland from his native Pennsylvania in 2009 – largely for the diversity and quality of coffee and craft-brewed beer.

Sessions for this user

* Getting Started with Semantic Web Applications

Leave rigid tables behind, and work with your data as a graph, using standard web data schemas.
Leif Warner, Brian Panulla

Proposals for this user

* NoNoSQL: Structured lightweight data models for the Web with RDF

Publish your data to the Web using the W3C Resource Description Framework (RDF). Yeah, *that* W3C.
Hacks 2011-03-30 23:01:42 +0000
Brian Panulla